Organization which research and analyze the following:

1. Initial contact - financial   
  advisor or representative

​ 2. Company they represent 

 3. Company or companies 
 which are being recommended

 4. Bank details

  5. We research the products being offered.

  6. Third parties

​It is a very large world out there and full of real opportunities but also the fraudulent internet world is advancing at a very rapid pace.

Fraud Department
“Truth is what stands the test of experience.”                            

This department analyze and research what could be described as the "traditional
fraud offenses, such as banking frauds; investment frauds - securities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud or money laundering.Our team is headed by a former stockbroker deeply involved in intentional fraud and scams bringing law suit to the offenders.

People Alliance LLC covers:

                                               Prevention of financial crime

                                               Detection of financial crime

                                               Analysation and Research:

                                                                                        international fraud & scams
                                                                                        serious financial crime
                                                                                        money laundering

If you are the victim of a Fraud or Scam
                        please, do not hesitate to 

email me
 by Albert Einstein
Who we are?